Florida Cracker Pawn Shop Brevard County Oldest Cocoa Pawn Shop For Sale on Craigslist

Recently noticed a pawn shop in Cocoa for sale on Craiglist. The owner is asking 133k for the rights to take it over. You can view the listing on Craiglist by clicking here:


The sale does not come with the building. So new owner will be taking over a lease. Also, the current loans the pawn shop currently has. This is the oldest pawn shop in Brevard County the listing says. 

If you take a look at the picture you will notice this Pawn Shop is a little run down. This is a prime example of an old pawn shop. Taking a look at Godfather Pawn pictures on our website www.CocoaPawnShop.com you can see the difference in the way some people run Pawn Shops. This is a prime example of an owner operated pawn shop. This is all stuff he could manage and now wants out. This could be a good investment for someone looking to jump into the pawn shop. However, I would look into loans at this pawn shop in circulation. Inventory. Is the stuff worth anything? The price tag looks good, but how long will it take to recoup your 133k investment? Factor in your rent and utilities. Marketing and cash needed on hand to give out for new loans. 

If you are you looking for the NEWEST PAWN SHOP IN BREVARD COUNTY VISIT www.CocoaPawnShop.com if you want to visit the oldest go to Florida Cracker Trading.